Five apps to look up phone numbers

Here I am going to tell you about the applications that are being launched in the market for the sake of reverse phone number look up. There are huge collections of application programs with the help of which we can find out the details and thorough information about the listed unknown phone numbers.


Trucaller for the iphone has finally arrived. With the help of trucaller, we can make reverse number look ups in more than 25 countries by entering the telephone number and pressing searches. It has several features which are of great use. We can save that information on to our iphone contact list. We can also view the map of any desired location or we may also get the direction of a particular location by just typing the location name.  Moreover trucaller automatically updates your phonebook contacts with correct address information and notifies you when your friend changes their address. Trucaller also offers an extensive filter which protects us from fraud, spam and even annoying sales persons.

Within seconds, trucaller displays public information such as the address, region and country of the required party. If available, trucaller also displays the pictures or most recent status messages of people who are in the social networking sites.

Number guru

This application offers free unlimited reverse phone look ups. The number guru is the biggest reverse phone number search service. We get to know all the required information about the unknown number right at he time of receiving the call.  We need to simply download the number guru caller id and reverse phone app, open it up and just start searching. The application and searches are 100 percent free. The number guru almost covers 100 percent of landlinesand50 percent of mobile phones.

Mr. number

This reverse look up application is quite easy and reliable to use. It can provide a name for more than 90 percent of US landline numbers and 50 percent of cell phone numbers.  We can also save our results to the contact book of our phone. It can recognize nuisance callers like telemarketers and lets you report spam calls from your cell phone. It’s almost like a caller id for your iphone. If we don’t get the results of our search, the application will not charge anything from us.

Reverse phone by intelius

Intelius is one of the most popular researches for the people searches on the internet. Through this people service, we can do people searches across the nation. It also offers services such as background checks, criminal checks and sex offender searches. Reverse phone app provides the name, age, address and other information for any phone number. It provides a record of all searches and reports for future reference. It can be downloaded for free.

Iprivus caller name look up

This application allows you to get real names, not just the city from international databases. It allows you to easily save information to your contact list and avoid voice mail by knowing who called. This app is not free and comes with different subscriptions.

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